HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521 series - Checklist for solving fax problems

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Checklist for solving fax problems

Several possible fixes are available. After each recommended action, retry faxing to see if the

problem is resolved.

For best results during fax problem solving, make sure the line from the product is connected

directly to the wall phone port. Disconnect all other devices that are connected to the product.


Verify that the telephone cord is connected to the correct port on the back of the product.


Check the phone line by using the fax test:

a. From the Home screen on the product control panel, touch the Setup button, and then

touch the



b. Select the

Fax Service



Select the

Run Fax Test

option. The product prints a fax test report.

The report contains the following possible results:

Pass: The report contains all of the current fax settings for review.

Fail: The report indicates the nature of the error and contains suggestions for how to

resolve the issue.


Verify that the product firmware is current:

a. Print a configuration page from the control panel


menu to obtain the current firmware

date code.

b. Go to




Click the Support & Drivers link.


Click the Download drivers and software (and firmware) link option.


Solve fax problems


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In the For product box, enter the product model number, and then click the Go button.


Click the link for your operating system.


Scroll to the Firmware section of the table.

If the listed version matches the version on the configuration page, you have the

most current version.

If the versions are different, download the firmware upgrade file and upgrade the

firmware on the product following the on-screen instructions.


The product must be connected to a computer with internet access to

upgrade firmware.

Resend the fax.


Verify that the fax was set up when the product software was installed.

From the computer, in the HP program folder, run the Fax Setup Utility.


Verify that the telephone service supports analog fax.

If using ISDN or digital PBX, contact your service provider for information about configuring

to an analog fax line.

If using a VoIP service, change the

Fax Speed

setting to


from the control panel.

Ask if your service provider supports fax and for the recommended fax modem speed. Some

companies might require an adapter.

If you are using a DSL service, make sure that a filter is included on the phone-line connection

to the product. Contact the DSL service provider, or purchase a DSL filter if you do not have

one. If a DSL filter is installed, try another filter because filters can be defective.


If the error persists, find more detailed problem-solving solutions in the sections that follow this one.