HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521 series - Use fax

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Use fax

Supported fax programs

Cancel a fax

Delete faxes from memory

Use fax on a DSL, PBX, or ISDN system

Use fax on a VoIP service

Fax memory contents are retained when there is a loss of power

Security issues when connecting internal networks to public phone lines

Fax from the flatbed scanner

Fax from the document feeder

Use speed dials and group-dial entries

Send a fax from the software (Windows)

Send a fax by dialing from a telephone connected to the fax line

Send a fax with confirmation

Schedule a fax to be sent later

Send a fax combining an electronic and paper document

Use access codes, credit cards, or calling cards

Print a fax

Receive faxes when fax tones are audible on the phone line